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Peace Counts on Tour in the Philippines

After making its way through Sri Lanka, Macedonia, and Côte d'Ivoire, Peace Counts on Tour successfully completed its stop in Davao City in the Philippines, where it was from May 22nd until June 1st, 2008. Monica Davis, from the Institute for Peace Education, Jasna Bastic from the Japanese NGO "Peaceboat", Tilman Wörtz, from the Zeitenspiegel, and Paul Hahn from laif facilitated peace education workshops for journalists, teachers, students, and others interested in participating. The workshops were developed by the Institute for Peace Education and complement the photo exhibit "Peacebuilders Around the World". This photo exhibit was produced by the Peace Counts Project and documents the methods and approaches of peacebuilders around the world. The exhibit demonstrates best practices for inspiring and educating others on methods for conflict resolution and conflict management.

Peace Counts on Tour works together with local partners. In the case of the Philippines, the local partner is Bread for the World. Peace Counts on Tour is made possible through financial support from the German Federal Foreign Office and the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa).

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