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Training Courses and Seminars

November 12th, 2009

Over the past few weeks, the IfT staff have conducted numerous training courses and seminars.

At the Kirchenhalden School Council in Stuttgart-Botnang, Gunther Gugel held and educational training day on the subject „Violence Prevention in Elementary Schools.“ 

In  Heidelberg, 17 Ethics teachers took part in a training course led by Gunther Gugel and Harald Podlech on the topic peace-making. The course was sponsored by the Karlsruhe Regional Counsil  and took place in the Heidelberg branch office of the State Center for Political Education. Focus was laid on presenting the methods of and practical experiences with the Peace Counts School project. 

At the IfT, Gunther Gugel and Anne Romund lead an information and discussion session for a group of Realschule trainees from Reutlingen’s State Seminar for Didactics and Teacher Training. Topics included peacebuilding, violence prevention, and conflict managment in the context of of school lessons. 

During the Tübingen Youth Book Week, the IfT conducted the workshop „Dealing with Conflict“ for the Teachers of the Working Group for Child and Youth Theater at the State Theater Tübingen. Lead by Anne Romund, activities in the workshop centered on the escalation of conflict and the depiction of typical situation in the school enviornment, in which conflicts occur. 

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