New DVD: "Yehuda Saul's decision: breaking the silence!"

The Video-DVD "Yehuda Saul's decision: breaking the silence!" tells the insightful story of the Israeli Yehuda Saul. As a special kind of tour guide, he leads groups to a place most Israelis prefer not to hear about – Hebron, the second largest Palestinian city in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. As a soldier, Yehuda Saul was involved in enforcing martial law there. Towards the end of his military service, he admitted to himself that he was a perpetrator and not simply an innocent man following orders. That moment of selfawareness led him to take radical steps. His first move was to organize an exhibition on the brutality of the occupation. The exhibition soon grew to become an organization, “Breaking the Silence,” which has collected 750 testimonials from former soldiers on their service in the occupied territories. Every week, Yehuda leads groups of interested Israelis and others from all over the world to Hebron. Understanding, he believes, is the first step towards real peace.

The movie „Yehuda Sauls decision: Breaking the silence!“ is part of the project „Peace Counts 2.0“. Peace Counts is supported by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations in Stuttgart through its zivik program with funding from the German Federal Foreign Office.

Production: wingert-film. DVD-Video, 24 Min. © 2011, Institute for Peace Education Tuebingen

The DVD costs 15 Euros and is available in both english and german. It can be ordered via the shop, by mail or telephone.

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