Schneller Magazine 1/2011

Educating for Peace is the current edition’s topic of the Schneller Magazine (1/2011). The magazine reports about a Peace Education Conference in Amman, Jordan and about Peace Education at the local Theodor-Schneller-School. The Magazine also contains an interview with Uli Jäger (ift).

„How must education be designed, that humans can live together in lasting peace and that they also can become Peace Makers for others? In a several days lasting symposium at the Theodor-Schneller-School in the end of last year this question was asked and tried to answer by educators, theologists, sociologists, historians and political scientists from Geramy, Switzerland, Lebanon and Jordan.This Conference was probably one of a kind in the Middle East and participants reported equally enthusiastic and moved of the highly cooperative exchange during the symposium in Amman. In this Magazine we want to share the results of the symposium.“ (Abstract of the preface)

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