Seminar at Giessen University

In November 2009, Uli Jäger and Nadine Heptner opened the conference "Conflict Analysis and Conflict Prevention" with a 2-day workshop at Giessen University.

Participants of the 10-day conference were 40 master and PhD students and lecturers of Giessen University as well as its partner universities from Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova (social science disciplines, International Relations, Peace Research).

The workshop included selected elements of the "Peace Counts on Tour" workshop setting and was enthusiastically received. Even preliminary discussions about possiblities of "Peace Counts on Tour Caucasia" were initiated. The focus of the discussions was about the different concepts of peace, constructive approaches for conflict management as well as opportunities for peacemaking.

The meeting's content was prepared and organized under the direction of Prof. Dr. Hanne-Margret Birckenbach.

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